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RV PanaShade Motorhome Windshield Shades 72W x 46H

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RV PanaShade Motorhome Windshield Shades 72W x 46H

RV PanaShade Motorhome Windshield One-Piece Window Shade 72W x 46H

Designed for use in the Class B and C Coaches.

Easy to follow instructions included as well as 12 suction cups.

Available in all four colors.

The kit consists of a single hemmed panel that measures 72" across and 46" high. You will need to cut and trim to fit around your mirror. Be aware that if you have lots of "little" dots around your mirror you may have to use to a combination of suction cups and Velcro for your application. The dots along the top of the windshield are not a problem; you can attach them to the solid glass just below them-it is just if your mirror is surrounded by them that creates an issue. There is no place to attach suction cups; they will NOT stick to those dots.

A helpful hint that some of our customers have told us is that they actually use the foam swim noodle or a piece of the foam pipe insulation to press back into the slant of the B and C windshield to help hold the shade in place. Another hint from a customer is to use a simple spring tension curtain rod slipping it through the hem on the top.

Top 3 Questions About This Product

1.) Can I drive with them on?

NO! But try our Windshield Visors. These will allow you to adjust the position to catch the glare and angles as you need.

2.) Can I trim them to fit?

YES! Just use a sharp pair of scissors. The RV Quick Shades fabric itself will not unravel. If you do trim the width, we recommend you add a drop of superglue or similar to the top hem to ensure that does not unravel - the fabric itself will not unravel.

3.) Should I use the One or Two piece shades?

That is really a personal preference. If you are traveling more often and putting the shades up & down more often you may like the smaller two piece shade panels. With the large one piece windshields the seamless look of the one piece may be more aesthetically pleasing. It all comes down to personal preference.

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