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RV Quick Shades Tire Cover Kit 50W x 46H 4 colors

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RV Quick Shades Tire Cover Kit 50W x 46H 4 colors

RV Tire Cover Kit 50W x 46H

Kit 50 inches wide (horizontal measurement) x 46 inches long (vertical measurement). Install by adding suction cups evenly spaced along the top hem. You can add one suction cup on either side of the wheel to assist in holding in place.

Additional ideas

Stitch a pocket along the bottom at the desired length and slide a 1/2" PVC pipe to add rigidity. No Clamps Needed.

In place of suction cup installation, RV QuickShades Stainless Steel Snaps provide more a permanent installation.

Kit includes One Panel - 6 Suction Cups.

You may want to add Stainless Snap Packs to your initial order to save on shipping costs at a later time.


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